Mountable 10L Jerry Tanks




x2 10L Jerry Cans with mounts and nozzle

‘Jerry Tanks’ can withstand high loads under severe climatic conditions due to its flat shape. The canister can be filled with all kinds of liquids, water, oil, diesel , petrol, beer and more.

‘Jerry Tanks’ can be mounted virtually anywhere that is convenient. With a number of carrying handles and mounting holes the Jerry Tank can be mounted in the most unexpected places.Jerry Tanks can be mounted to your 4×4, boat, jet ski, motorbike, trailer, camper van or even stored in your race car using the ‘mounting brackets’ and ‘interposing fixtures’.

Available in Black or Red (please specify your colour choice)

Terms of use:

Jerry Tanks are intended for storage and transport of liquids.
Before using Jerry Tanks as containers for drinking water it is recommended to wash the tank with mild soap and rinse thoroughly with clean boiling water.
It is strictly forbidden to store canister in direct sunlight.
We recommended using our mounts to firmly secure the Jerry Tanks to prevent friction.

Claims on quality are accepted only in accordance with these rules!

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Black, Red